Sacred Waters Project

The Sacred Waters projects stands for core values for a beautiful Earth and balanced life on Earth for All.
We believe that every person is good at their heart. We believe that the pollution that we meet so often nowadays in every way, is a result of neglecting actions and behaviours which is due to lack of information and education.
If people pollute, they must just not be aware of the consequences of their action on short term nor long term.

Therefor we believe that the best way to make a positive shift in the current negative tendencies regarding nature, animals, plants, humanity and our planet, is to spread the word, educate people, and involve people, adults and kids (!)  in creating a better balance and a cleaner, more nourished Earth TOGETHER.

Fore this we have a few projects, and many will follow!

– Educative and creative inspiring Boards that we place at beautiful beaches to remind people to take care of such a beautiful place and remind them naturally to give back and nourish these places by their actions to preserve these wonderful beaches for many many more years and generations. This project starts on Ibiza, but it will expand beyond the island.

– We organize monthly free yoga classes (for adults, kids & families) combined with beach and forest cleanups on Ibiza and globally through our friends and community members- local groups around the globe.

– We promote sustainable fashion where we recycle, restrain of using chemicals, and support organic production, but also enjoy creativity and beauty in a conscious way

– We share inspiring, educating videos and blogs on how people can better take care of their beloved Earth and Seas, and Oceans. Sharing inspiration and real stories from group of people making a change.

– We visit schools and through our RADIANT BEINGS Project we offer FREE workshops for kids about a holistic way of living, bringing awareness on how to nourish and love their body, how to listen to their heart and support each other, and how to work with their mind in a positive empowering way .

RADIANT BEINGS PROJECT & THE SACRED WATERS PROJECT is sustained and financed by the Goddess Spirit conscious Lifestyle brand. As the 20% of their sales goes directly to these non-profit projects as part of a wonderful global movement of awakening. If you wish to be part of our Project please contact us through soulbodyflow Thanks for spreading awareness and being the Light in this magical Life, With Love, Kata van Doesselaar Founder of Goddess Spirit& Sacred Waters Project& Radiant Beings