Goddess Spirit ® uses the following Terms of Sale, Delivery and Payment.
Article 1: Identity of the entrepreneur

Goddess Spirit
Molenstraat 20
7551 DC Hengelo

Trading under: Goddess Spirit
Websites: www.goddess-spirit.com and www.goddess-spirit.nl
Access: via email
Email: admin@goddess-spirit.com
Chamber of Commerce number: 66802806
VAT identification number: NL662725670B01
Registration Number Trademark Register: 1001861 (BNL) and 1354188 (WIPO )

www.goddess-spirit.nl owned by Goddess Spirit®

Article 2: Application
2.1. These terms and conditions apply to all contracts, deliveries and other services that you have with Goddess Spirit.
2.2. By ordering you agree to these terms and conditions.
2.3. Unless Goddess Spirit has communicated in writing to the customer requirements of the customer are not accepted.

Article 3: Conclusion of the agreement
3.1. Goddess Spirit will confirm the order by email to you. The contract is only concluded when the payment is made successfully.
3.2. Goddess Spirit is entitled to refuse an order or to attach special conditions to the delivery. In case Goddess Spirit is not able to decisively determine your place of residence, the order is not accepted.
3.3. Orders that , for whatever reason, are broken down technically or otherwise have an incomplete payment, thus they are incomplete, even if you received the order confirmation. Then these orders will not be delivered for this reason. Goddess Spirit, however, will endeavour to get in touch with you in order to complete the payment so that delivery can still take place.

Article 4: Prices and Costs
4.1. The at the time of purchase in the online store quoted prices apply to the contract. The product prices include VAT.
4.2. The prices listed in the Goddess Spirit online store do not include shipping and handling costs.
4.3. Goddess Spirit is not bound by its offer in case of printing or programming errors on its website.

Article 5: Delivery and execution
5.1. Goddess Spirit will take the greatest possible care when receiving and implementing orders for products.
5.2. The place of delivery is the address that you have expressed to Goddess Spirit.
5.3. Goddess Spirit sends the accepted orders in order of arrival as soon as possible. As a rule, the delivery takes place within 1-2 weeks after the order is received. However, the indicated delivery times are indicative. In accordance with the law ‘Distance Selling’, the maximum delivery time is 30 working days. When exceeding the maximum time you have the right, without giving any reason to cancel the agreement.
5.4. The delivery of physical products mainly takes place by DHL and TNT. If the package is damaged, you have the right to refuse the package and send it return address, if it is offered by a TNT / DHL employee. The cost of shipping amounts from 5.95 euro depending on in which zone your delivery address is.

Article 6: Right of withdrawal upon delivery, Returns and Liability
6.1. You have the obligation with delivery to check for defects and to ascertain whether the products meet the agreement. If this is not the case, you should inform Goddess Spirit as soon as possible, in any event within 20 days after delivery. This must be in writing and / or be done via e-mail.
6.2. If it is proved that the products do not meet the agreement, Goddess Spirit has the choice to replace the products on their return by new products or to refund the invoice value minus shipping costs.
6.3. If you received a physical product of Goddess Spirit (this is expressly not for bookings of retreats) and for whatever reason you do not wish to accept it, you as an individual have the right to return the product within 20 days after delivery to Goddess Spirit. Returns are only accepted if the product is undamaged, also applies that the costs for returns are at your expense.
6.4. If you have made a booking for a Goddess / Yoga Retreat unfortunately no refund can be granted, due to many booking fees and deposits that have been made by Goddess Spirit. Unless otherwise expressly stated in the relevant Goddess / Yoga Retreat on the websites of Goddess Spirit.
6.5. The condition of the returned products must match what is usual for respectful use for the inspection of the products, as is customary for fitting in conventional shops. If you use the right of withdrawal and want to return the product, you should return the product with all accessories in original condition and packaging to Goddess Spirit, in accordance with the clear instructions of Goddess Spirit.
6.6 Goddess Spirit has the right to refuse a returned item or to re-send it to you if the product shows signs of use, no longer has the original labels or signs of damage caused by the customer, or if you fail to comply with the rules set by Goddess Spirit to return a product.
If you want to return a product, please email to: customerservice@goddess-spirit.nl to send a request to return.
6.7. Goddess Spirit will take care, after the product is properly returned and received in good condition, to repay the full amount within 21 days on the account corresponding to the data supplied by the buyer. Goddess Spirit cannot be held liable for improper use of a product.

Article 7: Liability
7.1.Goddess Spirit cannot be held liable for improper use of a product. This includes the failure to follow washing instructions and / or recommendations of Goddess Spirit.
7.2 Our price information is made carefully. Yet it is possible that incorrect information is provided. Although we try to keep this information as current, complete and accurate as possible, the prices on the websitewww.goddess-spirit.nl cannot bind to rights.
7.3 We do not guarantee that the colours displayed on the www.goddess-spirit.nl website exactly reproduce the colours of the clothes in reality. What colour is displayed depends on the settings of your computer.

Article 8: Complaints
8.1. If you want to exchange an item or return an item, the instructions in response to your request for a Return given by Goddess Spirit need to be followed strictly.
8.2. Other questions, communications or complaints regarding an order, payment and / or delivery must be in writing by email to the email address listed in the order confirmation.
8.3. The message must always bear your name, order number and item number stated on the order confirmation and it must be send to official email address, known by Goddess Spirit.
8.4. General questions regarding Goddess Spirit or the website www.goddess-spirit.nl you can ask at customerservice@goddess-spirit.nl

Article 9: Age
9.1. Goddess Spirit does not accept orders from persons under 18 years.

Article 10: Payment
10.1. You can use the following payment methods: credit card, PayPal and Ideal.
10.2. All payments must be made in accordance with the instructions given on the pages of the online store of Goddess Spirit. ( www.goddess-spirit.nl )

Article 11: Orders / communication
11.1. For misunderstanding, delays and / or bad transmission of orders and messages resulting from the use of Internet or other communication between Goddess Spirit and third parties and in between you and Goddess Spirit, as it relates to the relationship between you and Goddess Spirit, Goddess Spirit is not liable, except to the extent that there might be gross negligence by Goddess Spirit.
11.2. Goddess Spirit strives as soon as possible to respond to any communication, e-mail or postal communication. Goddess Spirit cannot guarantee the specified reaction time.

Article 12: Force Majeure
12.1. Without prejudice to its other rights, Goddess Spirit has in cases of force majeure the right, at its option, to suspend the execution of your order or to dissolve the agreement without judicial intervention by informing you in writing and without Goddess Spirit being held to any compensation, unless this would be unacceptable in the given conditions, according to criteria of reasonable and fair.
12.2. Force majeure is defined as any failure that cannot be attributed to Goddess Spirit, because it is not due to her fault and it is not under law, not in legal act, nor in the generally accepted opinions accountable to Goddess Spirit.

Article 13: Privacy
13.1. By placing an order you simultaneously give Goddess Spirit permission to use your personal data, if necessary. Your data are stored only to the extent that this is necessary to achieve the purposes for which the personal data are obtained and processed by Goddess Spirit.  These means the implementation of the agreement, which arose after receipt of your payment.
13.2. The personal information you provide will never be disclosed to any third party for commercial purposes without your express permission. You always have the right to access and correct your personal data.
A request for access to your personal data can be submitted in writing by email to the following email address: customerservice@goddess-spirit.nl

Article 14. Copyright & Copyrights
The content of the www.goddess-spirit.nl website is copyrighted and owned by Goddess Spirit®. Goddess Spirit® is an internationally registered brand.

Article 15: Disputes
15.1. All rights, obligations, offers, orders and agreements to which these Terms and Conditions apply, including on these Conditions and Terms, only Dutch law applies. Disputes between Goddess Spirit and the customer may be submitted by both Goddess Spirit and by the customer to the Disputes Committee for Textiles and Shoes.

Goddess Spirit® uses the following Privacy Policy

For Goddess Spirit the protection of your personal data is very important. We clearly state why we process personal data and what the purpose of this is.

When collecting personal data, we restrict ourselves to only those data that we really need for the stated purposes.
Goddess Spirit first explicitly asks permission to process your data where necessary.
Goddess Spirit does not pass on your details to other parties unless this is necessary to provide our services or when we are legally obliged to do so.
Goddess Spirit takes security measures to protect your data and we require third parties to take this just as seriously.
Goddess Spirit always offers you the opportunity to view, correct or delete your data at your request.

With every visit to our website, our web server automatically recognizes neither your domain name nor your e-mail address. When you visit our website we save:

  • your email address if you communicate this to us
  • the domain name of other sites that you have consulted to visit our site
  • all information regarding the pages that you have consulted on our site

By also registering for our newsletter you also give permission to store your data at the same time. This information is used:

  • to improve the content of our website
  • to optimize the content and layout of our pages for each individual visitor

And if you have registered for our Newsletter, we will use your details:

  • to notify you of new updates to our site
  • to inform you about Goddess Spirit® clothing and Yoga Lifestyle Products

If you do not appreciate that Goddess Spirit only uses your data for its own marketing purposes, you can contact customerservice@goddess-spirit.nl

Personal data
We are responsible for all personal details that you provide to us such as e.g. name, address and date of birth or the information we receive through an order in our Online Store or newsletter. We do our utmost to protect your data.

Third Parties
Goddess Spirit needs a few other parties to perform her work properly and correctly.
E.g. for sending your orders and sending the newsletter. We only share data with these parties, which are indispensable for this process. For this we have signed legally valid GPDR processing declarations with these parties and we strive to ensure that these third parties make every effort to keep your data safe.

Storage and security
We take as many security measures as possible to ensure that only authorized persons can access your data and to prevent misuse. We ensure that only the necessary persons can access your data and that access to the data is protected. In addition, we ensure that our safety measures are regularly checked.

Access and modification of your registered data
You have the right to contact us to access the personal information we have registered about you. If they are incorrect, incomplete or irrelevant, you can request that that data be corrected or deleted. In addition, you can always ask for all your data to be deleted.
You can send an email to: customerservice@goddess-spirit.nl

Cookies policy
We use cookies at www.goddess-spirit.nl.
A cookie is a small file that is sent by an internet server and that installs itself on the hard disk of your computer. This file keeps track of the visited internet site and contains a number of details about this visit:

  • to register your preferences
  • to register information about what you add to your shopping list
  • to register information, such as the web pages you consulted to visit our site
  • to be able to inform you of new offers that might interest you during your next visit to our site
  • to register your previous activities on our website, in order to offer you a better service on your next visit
  • to customize the content and presentation of the site based on your browser type or other information sent by the browser

Changes to this statement
It may happen that this statement is modified. We will never use personal data for another purpose that has been indicated without your consent. Should it happen that there are changes in the purposes, you will be notified in advance.

Goddess Spirit ®
Molenstraat 20
7551 DC, Hengelo,  Netherlands
Chamber of Commerce number: 66802806
VAT identification number: NL662725670B01
Registration Number Trademark Register: 1001861 (BNL) and 1354188 (WIPO )
Contact Person: E. van Doesselaar
Email: admin@goddess-spirit.com