Goddess Spirit

Goddess Spirit is born out of the inspiration of the Sacred Feminine…intuitive wisdom, creativity and so much Love. Goddess Spirit is born to inspire the awakening of the Goddess in all of us. To create a more fulfilled life, based on joy, sharing, abundance instead of lack, fear and control. The Goddess is so ready to rise in all of us to uplift and reshape this human life on Earth. To remind us that we are here to Love, Care, Trust and Share. Our clothes and malas are made with love with organic, sustainable materials, and in a sustainable equal commerce way. They carry the energy and the sacred Spirit of the Goddess to awaken that quality in your life. We hope as you wear our creations you will feel inspired to go for your full potentials to bring your light to this world and land in your passion for your and other’s joy and fulfillment.

Each essence, each deity is helping you in some ways to find courage, connectedness, abundance, love … within yourself, towards yourself and around you.



The Goddess also reminds us that it is important to have a nourishing , honouring balance in our life. As nature feeds us with such an abundant energy in so many ways, we feel it is important that we give back to nature around us. The only sustainable way of living on long term on this planet and keep it alive for long long time for our children and their children is to nourish the Earth, nourish what is important and precious.. to Give back.
Goddess Spirit is born on the magical Island of Ibiza, that is where Kata, the dreamer and founder of Goddess Sprit had her first vision about this new way of creating beautiful clothing. We feel it is our duty and responsibility to take care of this wonderful island, the sea, and the pure creative energy that is so abundant here.
So Goddess Spirit gives back. Not only our clothes are not harming the environment, as we use only organic cotton ( no chemicals) and also recycled polyamide, polyester, BUT also 20% of all our sales go to SACRED WATERS PROJECT.
A non-profit environmental, educational project that is taking care of the preservation of the purity and beauty and balance of the nature on Ibiza.

So we are dedicated to raise awareness, with our projects and our beautiful & elegant clothes as well.

Each one of our creation works as a magnifier, raising vibration, and awareness.
Bringing awareness to what you radiate in the world, through your words, your presence, and your clothing…your choices.​

Our third sacred activity is to offer special Goddess Yoga Flow Teacher trainings and retreats to empower women to raise, connect to their wisdom and teach this to others as well.
We firmly believe: Together we rise!

May thousands of blessings guide your steps…


Kata van Doesselaar

Founder & passionate creator of Goddess Spirit


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